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Team Introduction

Team introduction

ONEWAY Racing Team was found in 2011, the original intention was to promote ONEWAY motor oil and provides a place to communicate and share the knowledge of cars.


Over time, it has gradually become the largest racing group of the Chinese Racing Association


The size of the team has been gradually increased, the team began to participate in various events


For example, the previous Dapeng Bay scramble, time trial, and rally have achieved excellent results.


ONEWAY motor oil is the designated motor oil for the Japanese and German teams in 

ONEWAY highly affirmed to sign a contract with Malaysia's Sepang track record holder Mark Darwin in 2019


Under the team leadership


The team began to move towards more professional events and management, whether it’s timekeeping, competition, or rally, etc. were gradually planned and participated


We believe in the quality and ability of ONEWAY Motor Oil


One of the supporting factors behind is to bring a good results to everyone on the racing track


Friends who are interested in participating in ONEWAY Racing Team can contact us


Looking forward to your visit and comparison

Name, title:Ponmau(Leader)
Vehicle type:DC5. CIVIC K8.

Name, title:Fu Haung(副隊長)
Vehicle type:SWIFT SPORT

Name, title:
Group:TTCC- Class-A
Vehicle type:HONDA K8. Turbo BRZ

Name, title:hiuwah Lau
Group:TTCC- Class-C
Vehicle type:HONDA K8

Name, title:Jason
Vehicle type:HONDA K8

Name, title:Rain
Vehicle type:HONDA K8

Name, title:MARK
Vehicle type:HONDA K9

Name, title:ChenChen
Vehicle type:E30 318i

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